The Role of Philanthropy at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

James Yasko, Director of Education, talks with Junior Docents.  This popular education program brings students from middle Tennessee schools to serve as junior tour guides on The Hermitage grounds.


The Andrew Jackson Foundation

Since its founding in 1889, the Andrew Jackson Foundation (formerly the Ladies’ Hermitage Association) has operated as a nonprofit charitable organization. The Andrew Jackson Foundation is now incorporated under federal and state laws as a 501c (3) tax exempt organization and operates The Hermitage on behalf of the State of Tennessee.

The Hermitage receives no on-going Federal or state government funding and must rely on charitable contributions in order to enhance the historical experience and fulfill our mission to preserve, educate and inspire while maintaining flexibility in the operating budget.

Millions Visit

The Hermitage is one of the oldest and largest presidential sites in the U.S. and has hosted over 15 million guests from around the world. Each year over 30,000 students visit the Hermitage with their schools and/or families and participate in a myriad of educational programs. The Hermitage is one of the nation’s most significant sites for teaching about the period of American History between its founding and the Civil War.

Your Giving Supports Us

Annual Giving campaign is the primary charitable resource available to the site. Annual Giving is vital to the fiscal well being of the institution and provides for growth in archaeological, preservation, programmatic and educational opportunities. Every year, we call upon members and friends, to join together in support of Annual Giving. Annual Giving generates income equivalent to the interest earned from $3,000,000 in permanent endowment.

The Hermitage conducts periodic capital campaigns to fund specific bricks and mortar projects and renovations and to build endowment. The mansion restoration and the Andrew Jackson Visitors Center were made possible only through generous philanthropic contributions from innumerable individuals, foundations and corporations.

Educating Our Community

The Hermitage plays a distinctive role in our community, region and the nation. The Hermitage will continue to be central to the task of educating current and future generations about the “Jacksonian” era.

All donations to The Hermitage are welcome, needed and tax-deductible. We are confident that supporters of The Hermitage will help us “preserve, educate and inspire” by responding generously when called on to do so.

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